70’s Inspired Style in Adidas Neo V Racers

70’s Inspired Style in Adidas Neo V Racers
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The women’s V Racer sneakers come straight out of the brand new Adidas Neo range. Although they were made in 2012, the style comes straight out of the 1970’s with the steady sloping front as opposed to the usual steady curve.

Despite the odd shape, it doesn’t hinder your performance at all. The slope matches your foot perfectly and allows for full mobility whether you’re walking or running. The upper slope is also made of nylon, making it light and breathable which means that your feet stay cool and airy even when running in hot conditions.

The unique ridges on the soles of the Neo V Racers allows for perfect grip on all terrain types including grass, pavement and the revolving road of a treadmill.

The black and white striped design means you can be seen at night and always look your best when training.