Adidas Boost: More Bounce Coming 13th Feb

Adidas Boost: More Bounce Coming 13th Feb
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It looks like Adidas have been working on a new generation of running trainers that will give wearers a lot more spring in their step.

Although the trainer is due to be released on 13th February, Adidas are still keeping quiet about their new trainer so far.

The only information available so far is in the form of a short trailer that was posted on YouTube. It shows three metal balls bouncing off three different materials: concrete, EVA and Adidas’ new Boost material.

As you might have guessed, the ball that lands on Boost bounces higher in the air and stays up there for longer. The trailer closes with the words: “This will change running forever.”

The trailer also encourages those who are interested to visit the website however the link simply redirects you back to the main page.

More will be seen on Wednesday 13th.