Adidas WENEO BBall Shoes Score Full Points

Adidas WENEO BBall Shoes Score Full Points
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These women’s WENEO Basketball shoes from Adidas teach us two things: denim isn’t just for our jeans, and fashionable girls can love basketball.

The high top design of these WENEO BBall sneakers allows for terrific ankle support when running around the court, dodging opponents and shooting hoops. The outer area of these shoes is made entirely from light faded denim with a textile inner lining, helping to keep your feet cool and airy throughout practice.

The raised heel wedge keeps your feet at the same level which makes keeping your balance one less thing to worry about when you’re playing. It also gives you a unique edgy look.

The soles of the WENEO BBall shoes have been designed to give you maximum grip on the court, but also allow for enough movement to keep you quick and light on your toes.