Lil Wayne Releasing Skate Sneaker Range

Lil Wayne Releasing Skate Sneaker Range
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In May 2013, we are expecting to see a brand new range of skating sneakers from Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has recently hit the mass media with its brand new clothing line known as Trufkit, and now it seems like he’s expanding into footwear territory to add to his growing collection. The rapping star has come together with SUPRA to create his own design and have it turned into a new SUPRA skating sneaker.

Apparently a number of other shoe companies tried to get the star to work with them, but instead he decided to go with SUPRA as that’s the brand he said he used when he was a skateboarder.

Lil Wayne recently told MTV in an interview:

“I was just rocking them when I was skating and stuff and when I got real cool with the homey [professional skateboarder] Stevie Williams, it was kinda like a plug from him.”