Nike (SB) – A History

Nike (SB) – A History
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Nike has only really had such a large stronghold over skating shoes for the last ten years or so. In fact, before 2002, Nike had already made a number of failed attempts at getting into the market. It was in 2002 that Nike finally got something right, by introducing the Nike (SB) branding, which of course stands for Nike Skateboarding.

Today, Nike (SB) is one of the hottest brands on the market, providing a huge line of shoes and sneakers that are ideal for skating, or just completing the skater look. They all feature different designs, new and old, reflecting the Nike look that we’ve all come to know.

Nike (SB) has even been heavily promoted in recent years by some of the most pro skaters in the world, as well as other athletes, including Paul Rodriguez, Brain Anderson and Daniel Shimizu.

The launch of (SB) had just four shoes available, and now you can choose between a huge range of ‘dunks’ and sneakers alike.