Zuckerberg Snapped Wearing Brooks

Zuckerberg Snapped Wearing Brooks
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Facebook founder and young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg recently uploaded a photograph of him and his dog on his dog’s (yes, his dog’s!) Facebook page. But while people were awing and smiling at his fluffy pet, the running enthusiasts amongst us will have noticed the interesting choice of shoe chosen by the Facebook billionaire.

Yes, Zuckerberg was wearing Brooks! The Facebook founder is thought to be worth roughly $13.5 billion, so let’s face it, he probably owns a good few pairs of the Brooks shoes.

Brooks are known for being technical but not always that stylish. Perhaps Zuckerberg is looking to achieve a bit of a Steve Jobs look? Who knows? Or, you never know, he may actually be a running enthusiast, and in which case, the Brooks make perfect or not.

But given his dog’s name is Beast, which is also the name of the style of Brooks he’s wearing, we’re guessing he’s a fan!